What Colors Stimulate the Mind?

Your mind and emotional state can be greatly affected by colors. Particular colors stimulate mental energy and even have a physical effect on people. By combining colors, you can create or inspire the emotions and moods that best fit the situation, whether it be at home or in the work environment.

Colors for Energy

Paint your mood.

Strong bright colors stimulate energy. The color red is so stimulating that it actually can raise blood pressure. Red is known to excite the mind with passion and drama. Yellow is credited with increasing energy and a feeling of cheerfulness. Orange has been linked to stimulating the appetite and providing a general feeling of goodwill.

Colors for Balance

Certain colors can bring about mental balance. Green, with its association to nature, has been known to have a balancing effect on the mind. Likewise, blue inspires feelings of peace and tranquility; causing a calming effect on the mind and body. The color blue can decrease blood pressure.

Colors for Creativity

Some colors are particularly useful for inspiring creativity. Purple is known for invoking curiosity and the intuitive aspects of your mind, and curiosity is a great motivator for creative thought. The color pink fosters feelings of affection and social acceptance, freeing the mind of social inhibitors that may restrict creativity.

Colors for Strength

Pure white inspires mental energy and actually promotes the strengths of the other colors when used as a background. White also stimulates creativity by clearing the mind to allow the thought process to grow. Black also inspires mental acuity in the form of discipline, independence and individual strength.

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