Hot Water Won't Come out of My Dual-Handle Kitchen Faucet

If hot water is no longer coming out of your kitchen faucet, the problem is not always with the faucet itself.

Hot Water Supply Hose

Hot water is used everyday in the kitchen.Hot water is used everyday in the kitchen.
Several reasons lead to a lack of hot water in your faucet. Each involves problems with your plumbing, and some are beyond the scope of do-it-yourself home repair. However, other problems take just minutes to fix.

In some cases the solution to this problem is simple. If hot water comes out of the other faucets in your home but does not come out of your kitchen faucet, check the supply hose lines. These lines lead from the hot water pipes to the faucet. Verify that the hot water line is connected to the faucet base. Test the valve on the hot water side. If it is closed, turn it on by rotating it clockwise. The hot water line is on the left side.

Check the Water Heater

If there is no hot water in the kitchen or any other faucet and you have turned the hot water supply line valves on, the issue is with your water heater. Water heaters wear out over time. Every few years the elements need replacing. If these elements are not replaced, the hot water heater fails to heat up water. This is a big job and is a good idea to call in a professional to inspect your water heater, especially if you are unfamiliar with the appliance.

Flush the Cartridge

Sometimes the cartridge in the faucet clogs with dirt and sediment, preventing the dispersal of hot water. If every other faucet has hot water but your kitchen faucet, the hot water lines are on and your water heater is functioning properly, clean out the faucet cartridge. Remove the handle by unscrewing the set screw. Take off the bonnet or dome cap, depending on which faucet you have, and pull out the cartridge. Flush it in clean water and replace it. Then reassemble the faucet.

Scald Guards

A scald guard prevents the faucet from producing extremely hot water by blocking the rotation of the handle towards the hot water side. If this feature is set too high or your ground water is now colder than normal, it prevents any hot water from entering the faucet. Remove the handle, and adjust the scald guard to increase the temperature of the water by turning the guard knob towards the hot side. Put the handle back on, and try the hot water again. Adjust as necessary to increase or decrease your water temperature.

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