What Are Imitation Eggs?

Susan Revermann

Imitation eggs are just that, a copy, a replica or a mimic of an egg. You can find imitation eggs to eat if you can’t have real eggs because of health concerns or because you don’t want to consume animal products. You can buy egg replicas or decorative eggs to place around the home or garden or to give as gifts. You can also use gemstones that are shaped into eggs for healing or display.

Egg Substitute

Imitation eggs can look like real eggs.

Imitation eggs can be found in the grocery store labelled as an egg substitute. This type of product is often used by people who have high cholesterol levels, are vegan or are allergic to eggs. You can also choose to eat egg substitutes if you are concerned about salmonella or bacterial growth. Egg substitutes are used in place of eggs for cooking and baking. You can find these in liquid or powder form. These are often made from tofu and tapioca starch, but can be made from other ingredients. Look at each product label to see what is in it.

Decorative Eggs

Some imitation eggs are used for decorative purposes. These often have a Styrofoam, plastic or wood center. The outside of these eggs can be painted, stained or coated with metal foiling. These can be displayed in large bowls, on strings or individually on stands.

Replica Bird Eggs

You can find eggs that are painted and speckled to look like real bird eggs. The inside core can be made of various materials but the painting design on the outside will mimic the designs and coloring of various bird eggs.

Gemstone Eggs

Gemstones can be shaped like eggs to be used as decorations or as a handy shape for crystal healing purposes. You can find gemstone eggs carved from agate, turquoise, quartz, amethyst, jasper, tiger’s eye and other stones. These egg-shaped stones are often displayed on a small tripod or stand to keep them in place.