What Kind of Spray Kills All Inside Bugs?

Ants and spiders.

Commercial Chemical Sprays

Cockroaches are just one type of inside bug.Cockroaches are just one type of inside bug.
Earwigs and silverfish. Cockroaches. There are many different types of inside bugs and many problems an indoor insect infestation can cause. Sanitary, health and even safety issues are just some of those problems. While there are multiple bug sprays that kill one, some or many species or families of inside bugs, no one spray kills all inside bugs. It is important to know which types of bug sprays are available and which sprays kill which bugs.

Commercial sprays that have a chemical base are effective against many different kinds of inside bugs. These sprays can kill bugs both on immediate contact and later when the insect comes into contact with the spray's residue. A commercial spray will typically kill more than one kind of inside pest but not every kind. The label will usually indicate what type of inside bug the spray kills. For example, if a product states the spray will kill earwigs, silverfish and some types of spiders, it should also state which types of spiders it does not kill. Some commercial sprays will kill many different types of indoor bugs while some are designed for particular bugs.

Commercial Organic Sprays

Many homeowners have turned to chemical-free organic bug sprays as a environmentally and health-friendly option. Organic bug sprays use ingredients like pyrethrins and potassium salts to kill insects. Like the chemical bug sprays, organic bug sprays can kill many different kinds of inside bugs but not all. If a organic spray states that it kills cockroaches, ants and fleas, it does not necessarily mean it will kill other indoor bugs like termites or spiders. The labels on these sprays should state specifically which bugs the spray kills.

Homemade Sprays

Some people make their own homemade sprays to kill inside bugs. Doing this is both environmentally friendly and saves money. Homemade sprays, like their commercial counterparts, can be very effective at killing particular types of indoor bugs. Vinegar, among other ingredients, is often used to kill ant infestations. Another homemade bug spray, white cedar spray, is considered effective against many types of inside pests. However, again like the commercial bug sprays, different homemade sprays kill different indoor insects, not all of them.


Sometimes inside bug infestations require a local or nationally recognized exterminator. Professional exterminators often assess what types of bugs are present in a home and use the appropriate spray to kill those bugs. While these professionals will use sprays that kill a wide variety of bugs, even exterminators must use the sprays that address the particular bugs present, not a single spray that kills every type of bug that could possibly be in a house.

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