Ideas to Cover Up an Electrical Panel

That ugly electrical panel in the wall can be a major detractor from the overall look of a room. Yet hiding it presents a unique challenge, as it must remain easily accessible for when you need to get to the components behind it. Fortunately, there are several easy, eye-catching solutions for covering an electrical panel.


Don't let an electrical panel dectract from the decor of a room.

Strategically placed furniture can hide an electrical panel. But keep in mind that you don’t want to have to move something heavy and bulky such as a china cabinet, a bureau or a wardrobe each time you need to access the panel. So try a piece such as a folding screen, grandfather clock or a potted tree that can be easily moved aside then put back. Or lean a decorative floor-to-ceiling mirror against the wall over the panel.


Hanging art is an easy technique. And the options are many: a painting or framed poster, an enlarged vacation snapshot or favorite black-and-white photograph or a picture collage. Or create your own art. Hang a shadow box containing a leaves, medals, shells or a collection of or coins. Mount a mosaic art piece made of tiles, ribbon, beads or pieces of glass or metal. In the rec room, hang a chalkboard; in the kitchen, a spice rack.


Put up fabric. Try a floor-to-ceiling curtain panel that coordinates with the colors in the room, which in addition to covering the panel also creates an eye-catching focal point. Put up a tapestry, a drapery, an ornamental rug or some other decorative textile. For a less costly wall hanging, mount a decorative throw or even a twin-sized bedspread. Or exercise your creativity: paint a plain white bedsheet or piece of canvas with fabric paint and hang on the wall.


One inventive technique is a wall treatment that disguises the electrical panel. Paint random or patterned blocks of color on the wall, “hiding” the panel in one of the blocks. Put a mural on the wall, painting right over the panel, which will effectively disappear in the mountain view or underwater seascape or whatever scene you choose. Or paint a design or pretty picture onto door of the electrical panel and put trim around it so it looks like a framed painting.