Shallow Mount Window Treatments

Curtains, drapes and shade treatments are used on windows as design features, for shade from the sun and for privacy.

Shallow Windows in Open Room Areas

Windows that are recessed less than 3 inches from the wall or that are flush with the wall present special considerations for window treatments. You need to consider hanging window treatments in such a way that they hang clear of the glass and prevent condensation on the fabric. Let’s take a look at some easy solutions. .

Windows with a shallow recess and in an open area where you won't brush against them can be treated in the same manner as a standard-depth window. Window treatments can be mounted outside of the window perimeter, even if there is no molding around the panes.

Window treatments can also be mounted inside the window recess using a wide selection of rods, dowels with brackets, or Roman shade installation boards. Keep in mind the depth of the window well when purchasing rods; the shallower the well, the more slender the rods should be.

Shallow Windows in Narrow Passages

Window treatments for shallow windows in narrow passages must be mounted within the window well. Even with this restriction, you have many options, including window-length shades, drapes and curtains. Spring-form café curtain rods are especially appropriate for hanging curtains over the lower portion of the window. Another option for shirred sheer curtains is to sew casings in the top and the bottom of the curtain, gathering both edges onto spring-form rods.

Flush Windows in Open Room Areas

Even if the window pane is flush with surrounding walls, you can still treat it like a standard-depth window by mounting window treatments outside the window perimeter. You may wish to employ a trompe l’oeil effect by framing around the window with thick molding. Then install your window treatments as usual.

Flush Windows in Narrow Passages

All window treatments for flush windows in a narrow passage should be mounted outside of the window pane area. Stable window treatments, like lined Roman Shades, Venetian blinds, or accordion pleated fabric blinds, that will lie flat against the wall are good choices.

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