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Styles of Indoor Room Divider Railings

J. Lang Wood

Railings are good way to divide space when you have a large room that might be used for several purposes. For instance, you might wish to make a division between a living room and a dining area, or you might wish to separate a family room from a kitchen area. A railing is a good way to separate the functions while still keeping the rooms open and inviting.

Wood Railings

Wood always adds warmth and solidity to a living space. A wood railing used as a room divider can be simple and straightforward, or carved in ornate designs that complement furnishings already in the room. Match the railing to cabinets, dining sets or contrast the patterns in sofas and armchairs. Light tones open up areas. Darker wood shades add formality and richness. Wood railings are also easy to maintain. A light dusting and occasional use of polish is all that is needed. Cleaning can be done with wood soap or a mild detergent.

Metal Railings

Metal railings add a beautiful touch to any room and are so versatile that they can be worked into designs that bring distinction to any home. Choose the clean lines of mission styling to blend in with any decor, or New Orleans-style scrollwork to add more interest. Metal rails can be as modern or as antiquated as you like. Metal can even be fashioned into nature scenes or sculptural designs. Metal can be painted any color or given metallic finishes that last for years. Other materials such as glass and fabric panels can also be incorporated into the metal designs. Metal railings are easy to care for and can be cleaned with mild detergent and water.

Railings Made of Unique Materials

Glass panels can be combined with wood, metal, or vinyl to make interesting railings for use as room dividers. Glass has the advantage of leaving an open feeling to the room while still creating a division. Fabric attached to a panel and then laid into a railing frame makes a beautiful divider rail for a bedroom or dining area. One of the more interesting railings used to divide rooms is by constructing a narrow half-wall of ordinary construction drywall and using it to lay tile on in interesting designs. Then, attach the tiled half-wall with brackets to a side wall. This is a rail that is functional and creative. Colored glass tile is popular now and can be used for this purpose to create a distinctive look for your room.