Reasons Why a GE Washer Will Not Spin

When a washing machine won't spin, you usually don't find out until the tub is full of water and heavy, wet clothes. The job of emptying the tub out is messy and time consuming. There are several reasons why a GE washer will not spin. Before going through the pain staking task of removing its contents, try a few trouble shooting ideas to get your GE washer spinning again.


There are several ways to troubleshoot when your washer won't spin

Before looking at anything on the washing machine, double check to see if the machine is getting electricity. Make sure that the washer is plugged into the wall socket all the way. Vibrations of a washer can sometimes loosen the plug at the electrical outlet. Push the plug into the wall outlet to make sure it has a snug fit.

Power Source

Now that you are sure the washer is plugged in, check to see if the outlet is getting power. Check the fuse box or circuit breakers, and depending upon which type of power source you have, make sure a fuse has not been blown or the circuit breaker has not been tripped.

Selector Switch

If your GE washer is a model with a selector switch on the control panel, check to see if the selector switch is pushed in all the way and set it on the proper spin setting.

Lid Switch

If the lid switch is not popping down when the lid is closed, this could be the reason that the washer is not spinning. It will sometimes get stuck from soap or other debris caked up around it. It also might be broken and need to be replaced.

Off Balance Tub

The washer may not spin if the clothes in the tub are making it off balance. Check the inside to see that the wash load is distributed evenly around the tub. If it is not, rearrange the wash load so that it is even and try turning the machine on once again.

Article Stuck Between Tubs

Check the space between the outer and inner tub of the washer to see if a piece of clothing is stuck. Grab a flashlight and check the tight space all around the tub. If something you were washing became lodged in this area, it could obstruct the tub from spinning.

Washing Machine Belt

A broken belt will cause a GE washer not to spin. Always unplug your machine before opening it up to get at the motor, belt or other inner workings. The belt may also be too loose to grip adequately and turn the tub; check the play in the belt.

Worn or Burned-Out Components

If your GE washer will not spin and you have checked all of the common problem areas, it may have a worn clutch, motor pulley or tub bearing. Call a certified GE appliance repair person to replace the faulty component.

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