Good Color Ideas for Your House Exterior

Figuring out what color to make the exterior of your house is accomplished by using tools like the Color-A-Home on the Better Homes and Gardens (BHG) website. This interactive program allows you to visualize your house exterior with colors for roof, trim, shutters and doors. Other ways to choose good colors are to follow expert advice based on your style of house.


Choose exterior colors based on the style of your house.

This box-type two-story house was painted all one color in the past, usually white with a dark trim. BHG suggests painting the top and bottom section in two different colors to make it look less boxy and more appealing.

Queen Anne Victorian

These homes were once called a painted lady because of all the colorful accents of trim that were traditionally used in various combinations. A Queen Anne Victorian home looks best with at least three different colors painted in similar or contrasting tones.

Tropical Cottage

Depending on the location you live in, BHG suggests following the color patterns for your climate, using bright colors in the south and darker colors in the north. Use the boldest colors of the house on the doors and trim while more subtle colors are incorporated on the shutters.

English Tudor

Tudors display a lot of roof area, and that color should set the tone for the rest of the house. Mild color combinations, like beige and black, with doors and windows a different accent color, like maroon, give a tasteful look without taking away from the detail of the Tudor.


BHG recommends blending colors with brick or other materials used on the rest of the ranch house, except for red brick, which requires a contrasting color of siding or paint. Try to make the house look taller by blending colors and adding more dramatic contrasting colors to front doors.


Colors like light blue or yellow for the majority of the farmhouse brings out the old-fashioned look. Roof colors that complement the rest of the house add to the farmhouse appeal. Light trim with bold-colored doors and shutters give the finishing touch.

Crafstman Bungalow

Earth color combinations work well in a bungalow-type house. Make the trim the same color as the house unless you have decorative trim that looks good in a different accent color.


A split or tri-level house should have blended colors, including the garage color, for the best visual of all the levels. Warm and cool color combinations of house and trim, with a darker or brighter colored front door, give nice curb appeal.

Spanish Colonial

Dark tile roofs with a light-colored house give the Spanish Colonial the Southwest facade. Avoid the same house color as the roofing.

Georgian Colonial

The large colonial house with many windows is typical of the Georgian style. Use three or four colors that complement each other on the body, trim and doors.

Suburban Eclectic

The large and modern eclectic home normally boasts neutral colors of various tones. The front door is the only bolder color on this style home.

Art Deco

The Art Deco style is often seen in southern areas and displays many vibrant color trim combinations. It looks best with a neutral-colored house body.

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