Behr Faux Finish Techniques

Sarah Thomas

Behr offers several different paint varieties that generate faux painting affects. The three product lines used for faux techniques are Faux Glaze, Venetian Plaster and Bellagio Faux. Bellagio Faux and the Venetian Plaster add texture to a wall, while the Faux Glaze is a versatile product that can be used to create a variety of faux finishes.

Venetian Plaster

Behr paints can be used to create faux finishes.

Behr offers a product called Venetian Plaster, which resembles the look of aged plaster when applied. The product and a top coat are applied with a trowel to obtain the look.

Bellagio Faux

Bellagio Faux is a product offered by Behr that is used in conjunction with a special trowel and brush. The paint is brushed on in a variety of directions and then smoothed with a trowel to create a textured effect.


Make a leather effect by mixing four parts of Faux Glaze with a dark paint color. Apply this mixture over a deep base color, and then apply a plastic sheet over the layers and press down. When the plastic is removed, the effect resembles leather.


To create the texture of lines within a finish, a scarifier is used. A scarifier is a faux finish tool that is scraped on the paint surface to make lines. Over a base coat, apply a mixture of Faux Glaze and a complimentary color. Scrape it with a scarifier to create lines. Create straight lines, diagonal lines, horizontal lines or a mixture of lines. Using both horizontal and vertical lines creates a woven linen look.

Color Wash

For a color wash, mix four parts of Faux Glaze with one part of colored paint. Apply the mixture over a base color, and then use the paint color without the glaze to apply short brush strokes over the glaze. Wipe the areas with a rag or a pad to blend. The resulting finish looks washed, like a watercolor painting.


Begin with a light colored base coat, and mix 4 parts Faux Glaze with 1 part of a dark paint color. Apply the mixture to the wall using a rough, drywall-textured roller, rolling it in random directions.