Colonial House Paint Colors

Colonial homes were built between 1600 and 1850 with a Colonial Revival movement beginning at the turn of the 19th century and continuing through to the 21st. Styles range from First Period English, to English and Dutch Colonial. Colors for Colonial houses vary widely; however, a few combinations are considered traditional. Most Colonial styles adhere to a simple architectural style with minimal adornment, a response to the ornate Victorian style of previous years.

Colonial Red

White on white is a traditional color scheme for Colonial homes.

First Period English homes often boasted rich red shades on their exteriors. New England and Virginia have numerous examples of First Period Homes in colonial red. Finishes are either lustre or flat. For a subtle burst of color use a dark chocolate brown stain on the exterior, and paint doors in Colonial Red. For a brighter color scheme use Colonial Red on the entire exterior including trim and doors.

Traditional White

Palettes typical of the Colonial Revival period include the basic white-on-white scheme. Trim is painted white to match with the house color. Many Colonial Revival homes feature white shutters treated with matching white paint, or, while adding some contrast,use black and hunter green to adhere to the traditional style. Paint doors to match the trim for consistency. The white-on-white style is a favorite color in many historic districts and, although simple, it may prove a solid long-term investment as it should appeal to a broad group of potential buyers.

Colonial Yellow

Homeowners seeking to adhere to historically accurate schemes while adding a pop of color to their home exterior should consider the traditional Colonial color scheme of yellow with cream white trim. Yellow adds a warm tone to the home without looking too overwhelming. Supplement white trim with mossy green shades on doors or shutters to add color and visual interest. Colonial yellows are soft sunny shades leaning towards creams rather than primary yellow shades.

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