Flat Screen Mounting Ideas for a Bedroom

Flat-screen televisions take up a lot less space than conventional televisions in small rooms, such as bedrooms.

Try Several Wall Locations

Mount a flat screen TV on the wall does not require any extra furniture to support its weight, for one, so floor space is kept open. If you are planning on mounting a flat-screen TV in your bedroom, take the time to make sure the TV will be in just the right place.

Test out where you want to put your flat screen. Use the actual box from the TV to help you. Hang the box on the wall where you think you want to put the TV and then lay down on the bed or sit in a chair, wherever you will be when you plan on watching television the most in your bedroom. Make sure you can easily see the flat screen from all angles and that it is comfortable for you to watch. If you have to tilt your head too far back to see it, for example, it may give you a headache. Consider several areas of the room and see which you like best. Rearrange the furniture in your room before mounting the TV if necessary to give you the most comfort while watching.

Use a Tilt Mount

Consider purchasing a mount that will allow you to adjust the angle at which the TV will tilt away from the wall. This is particularly important if you have a very small bedroom and not a lot of options for surfaces where you can mount the flat screen. Using the tilt mount will allow you to hang the flat screen above other furniture such as chairs or a dresser and then tilt the upper end of the flat screen down so that you can see the it from the position where you plan on watching TV the most in your bedroom. Whatever type of mount you choose, make sure to pick one that will hold the size and weight of your flat screen properly.

Consider a Ceiling Mount

Installing a flat screen on the ceiling may seem a little silly at first, but this option does make it easy to see while lying in bed. One of the things you have to consider when mounting the flat screen on the ceiling is the electrical cords. You may want to hide the cords by installing some extra moldings to cover them up or you may want to have the cords run through the ceiling. When drilling to install the flat screen on the ceiling, be careful to avoid other wires--many electrical wires are run behind a house's walls and ceiling.