Samsung Television Remote Control Issues

For the most part, Samsung television remote controls work trouble-free, but at times a problem may affect the remote control's performance.

Remote Control Can't Operate Another Electronic Device

Although most remote control issues can easily be remedied at home, occasionally a more serious issue may require replacing the device. Samsung provides consumer information on its website about how to deal with remote control issues.

According to Samsung, consumers of certain 2006 and 2007 model year televisions reported that they cannot program the remote control to another electronic device. The reason: These television models did not come with a universal remote control. The company says you can resolve the issue with an Anynet Plus (Anynet+) wired network system. The Anynet Plus system enables consumers to connect a Samsung television with two other Samsung audio-visual units through a single remote control.

Remote's Buttons Do Not Work

Four possible reasons why a remote's buttons may function improperly, Samsung says, are bad batteries, an electronic malfunction, a faulty remote, or a sensor problem. The company recommends making sure the batteries are fresh and are inserted correctly. It suggests a quick test using a digital camera to detect whether the remote's infrared light is working. The company also suggests trying to operate the TV with a second remote to test whether the problem is in the remote or the TV. When all else fails, the person should contact Samsung Customer Care 800-726-7864 to inquire about possible replacement.

Universal Remote Does Not Activate Another Device When Prompted

Samsung lists some issues reported by consumers with operating the company's universal remote controls. One issues is that people forget to press the remote button to activate a particular device such as the DVD, VCR or stereo before attempting to operate the device using the remote. As a result, the device does not respond to the remote. To operate another device that is programmed with the universal remote control, a user first must hit the button that activates the device.

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