The Best Washing and Drying Machines

If you live in a small apartment with room for only one laundry appliance, then it's worth considering a stacked washing and drying machine combo unit. When choosing one, make sure it has a fast spin, as this will dry clothes quicker and keep your electricity consumption low. Choose a machine with a continuous wash to dry program so you won't have to be around to switch your load from washing machine mode to dryer mode. Also check to see that the machine comes with a manufacturer's warranty.

Frigidaire GLEH1642FS

A washer-dryer combo unit is ideal for small spaces.

This machine has a front-loading stacked laundry center. With a 3.1 cubic-foot washer and 5.7 cubic-foot dryer, it has a large capacity for a combo. Features include moisture sensor that stops the dryer automatically to conserve energy, and easy to reach controls, situated between the washer and the dryer. This machine meets the Energy Star criteria for an energy-efficient home appliance. Consumers like the compact design and washing performance, though some complain of long drying times and the loud end-of-cycle buzzer. The Frigidaire GLEH1642FS requires a 240-volt electrical outlet, water connections, and a venting system in order to run.

Haier HWD1500

The HWD1500 from Haier is a compact washer-dryer combo that does not require venting. This makes it perfect for apartments, small homes, RVs, boats and cabins. Clothes are washed and dried in a single tub made of stainless steel. You can choose from eleven fabric-care wash cycles and four dryer settings. Instead of expulsion through a hot vent, the moisture from the load is released into the sink drain. This combo unit will allow you to wash and dry a load as large as thirteen pounds in one easy step. It also come with an Ultra-Quiet technology that limits noise, and is Energy Star rated for energy efficiency.

Maytag MGT3800TWH

This 2.6 cubic-feet washer and 5.9 cubic-feet dryer combo's key features include Quite Series 200 Sound System, which ensures minimal noise during operation, four water-temperature combinations for various fabrics, multi-cycle wash settings to ensure that there is no detergent residue, a delicate setting, a fine mesh lint filter and load flex agitator, which makes for a powerful and efficient wash. The MGT3800TWH also comes with adjustable dryness settings for different materials, end-of-cycle signal, and an extra-large door for easy loading. According to consumers, the setting options and minimal noise are some of best things about this machine.

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