Rustic Exterior Paint Colors

Rustic color schemes call to mind serene Southwest deserts, the woodsy charm of the American countryside and the subdued vibrancy of Tuscan decorating. Rustic exteriors give your house a comfortable look and set the tone for the interior of your home. If these are the colors you're drawn to, you have a variety of options.

Brick Red

"Country Living" magazine suggests brick red with white detailing as a color scheme for a rustic home. The deep, dark red grounds the house, while the white trim prevents it from being too dark and heavy. The warm color of the house calls to mind comfort without being too bright and gaudy. The brick red also calls to mind the old-fashioned barns of the U.S. landscape while retaining a basic neatness and dignity.

Yellows and Oranges

Yellow and orange are warm colors, and when used in gentle pastel shades, they give an exterior a subtle glow. Avoid using overwhelming shades of yellow or orange, as they will be too bright. Instead, look for subdued golds and apricots. If you want something more dramatic, choose yellows and oranges that are mixed with a little bit of brown, giving the house a grounded, earthy look. These colors are often seen in Southwest and Tuscan homes.

Warm Browns

Warm browns give your home a solid look. Your choices range from sandstone to a warm, reddish brown. You can also combine browns. A deep brown, for example, can have beige or tan accents.

Vivid Blues and Greens

When you want to add some visual variety to your home, consider using blues and greens as accent colors. Blues and greens do well when you want to lighten up a house that looks dark, but they also add visual variety to a house that is very pale. Dream Home Decorating suggests any shade of green for a rustic Tuscan home, so consider using a sage green if you want a subtle accent or forest green if you want something that's bolder.