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Maytag Neptune Specs

Gwen Wark

The Maytag Neptune electric washing machine is a discontinued model. The features of this washing machine, such as high-efficiency cycles, excellent water conservation, a good Energy Star rating and a small size with large internal capacity make the Maytag Neptune a sought-after machine.

General Specifications

The Maytag Neptune is an Energy Star qualified washer, with an average operating cost of $11 to $21 per year. It is a front-loading machine with no agitator. The unit features Maytag's trademarked TurboClean™ Tumble Action Wash System which moves the water in the machine both more efficiently and more gently, resulting in cleaner clothes with less wear and tear. It also had an optional raised pedestal unit, which creates extra height and storage for ease of use.

External Features

The dimensions of the Maytag Neptune are 27" wide, 28 1/4" deep and 42 1/2" high, without the optional pedestal. This machine weighs 180 pounds and can be found in white. It was available in both gas and electric-heated versions. It also featured sound-deadening insulation in the front door for quiet operation.

General Features

Maytag liberally packed this model with features, including a 3.3-cubic-foot capacity, which allows for the washing of bulky items such as pillows and comforters. The variable water levels and four temperature settings, from cold to hot, allow precise control over each load. Cycles include normal, soak, delicate, wool, hand wash and express wash. Cycle options include an extra rinse and stain treatment. A timed detergent, bleach and fabric softener dispenser adds additional ease of use.