Bird Feeders for Kids to Make With Toilet Paper Rolls

Empty toilet paper rolls make decent little bird feeders, safe to the environment and rewarding to birds. Allow your kids to create exciting bird feeders from recycled toilet paper rolls to hang in the backyard. A quick trip to your local craft store is all you will need to get started on these bird feeders.


Make a variety of bird feeders using recycled toilet paper rolls.

To make a basic bird feeder with a toilet paper roll, you will need a paper plate, the empty toilet paper roll, yarn, scissors, a hole punch, glue and birdseed. Turn the toilet paper roll on end so that it stands tall. Hole-punch two holes at the top of the toilet paper roll, on opposite sides, and thread the yarn through the two holes. Help your child cut two small half circles on the opposite end of the toilet paper roll. Glue the half-circle end of the roll in the middle of the paper plate. Fill the toilet paper roll with birdseed; some should start coming out of the half circles onto the plate. Hang the bird feeder from a tree using the yarn on the top of the roll. For added decoration, let your child paint the toilet paper roll and paper plate with acrylic paint before hanging.


Create a sunflower using the same method as the basic feeder. However, instead of a paper plate you will need a brown plastic plate and bowl. Glue the plastic plate on the bottom and the bowl upside down on top of the toilet paper roll. Paint the toilet paper roll green. Glue yellow foam in the shape of flower petals to the edge of the brown bowl. This will make the bird feeder look like a sunflower.

Peanut Butter or Honey

Peanut butter or honey bird feeders are easy for kids to make. You will need birdseed, yarn, a recycled toilet paper roll, wax paper or a paper plate, a plastic knife and peanut butter or honey. Let your child cover the toilet paper roll in peanut butter or honey (or both). Pour birdseed onto a paper plate or wax paper and have the child roll the toilet paper roll in it until it is completely covered. String yarn through the toilet paper roll and hang it from a tree. You can also roll the toilet paper roll in raisins, shelled plain peanuts, blueberries and sunflower seeds. Honey is fatal to hummingbirds, so do not use honey if you will be feeding hummingbirds.

Corn on the Cob

Paint the toilet paper roll yellow and allow drying completely. Cover the roll in peanut butter and roll it in unsalted plain popcorn. For added decoration, cut strips of green construction paper and glue them to one end of the toilet paper roll to make it look more like an ear of corn. String a piece of yarn through both ends of the roll and hang it from your porch or a tree.

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