Cub Cadet Yanmar Sc2400 Specs

Cub Cadet and Yanmar joined forces in early 2007 to offer several compact tractors to suit a variety of needs.

Power, Shifting and Hydraulics

The Cub Cadet Yanmar Sc2400 is a subcompact "transitional" tractor for novice operators who want the features of a larger tractor but the operating ease and lower cost of a subcompact, according to the Cub Cadet website. There are several key specifications for the Sc2400 sub compact.

The Cub Cadet Yanmar Sc2400 runs on a 24 HP (horsepower), three-cylinder diesel engine with an advanced combustion chamber that creates a better fuel mixture. With its two range, "shift on the go" capability, the operator can shift between high and low without disengaging the cruise control or stopping. During loading operations at low or high speed, the dual hydraulic pumps provide an efficient flow of hydraulic fluid.


There are a variety of available attachments for the Sc2400. These include a curved boom loader, midmount rower, rear-finishing mower, tiller, rear blade, front-mounted snow blower, dozer blade, a grass collection system and a curved boom backhoe.

Comfort and Ease of Use

For ease of use and comfort, the Sc2400 features an illuminated dashboard, halogen headlamps for low-light situations, and grab handles for safer and easier entering and exiting.

In addition, Cub Cadet Yanmar mounted the Sc2400 engine in reverse, which draws clean air from the operator area to be exhausted from the front. This reduces dirt and debris buildup in the engine, and it keeps the operator cooler and cleaner.

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