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Pipe Ranch Entrance Ideas

Monica Wachman

Few things are more welcoming when driving mile upon mile across the prairie than a huge entry gate announcing the ranch you've been looking for. Sometimes these gates are made of wood and look as though they were around to welcome the Pony Express mail carriers as they made their wild rides across the nation. Others are made of more modern materials including galvanized pipe normally used for property and corral fencing.

A Simple Statement

Make a simple statement with your pipe ranch entrance. Perhaps your ranch has more than one entrance, or you'd rather keep the owner's name out of the limelight. One tall pole on each side of the road, topped by a large triangle, makes a noticeable but unobtrusive entrance. This large triangle is typically made out of four smaller ones to reinforce the structure. If you live in a windy area, this works well because there is little resistance to the gusts from the open air design.

It's All in a Name

Ranches sometimes want to display their names. If you are displaying a brand or a small name, sometimes the same triangular construction works. But if you are looking for something that will double as an advertisement that will lead your clients right to your door, you might combine the pipe frame with your logo and maybe some additional artwork. Paintings or metal sculptures of bucking broncos and cattle are found across the west as are stylized brands incorporated into the pipe fence design. If your pipe ranch entrance has a gate, that is another place to incorporate your brand, name or logo.

Nostalgic Pipe Gates

Just because you are using modern pipe materials to create your ranch entrance doesn't mean you can't put a bit of nostalgia into your creation. Mount a pair of cattle horns on the top triangle of your entryway or incorporate horse shoes into the design, open end up for good luck. Use a pair of old wagon wheels in your gate design to add a bit of rustic charm to your vertical welcome mat. If your ranch is in a heavily treed area, such as in the Pacific Northwest, incorporating a little wood sculpture into your entryway design wouldn't be out of place, nor would the use of bold colors to make your entry more visible amid the trees.