How Does Roach Spray Work?

Roaches are more than just a nuisance.

Most aerosol sprays use a water-based system which keeps the cost of the product down somewhat, but this type of system tends to not be very good at penetrating very deeply into the crevices in the walls in which the cockroaches hide. These types of sprays, while still capable of killing roaches, are very messy and leave sticky residue on walls and other surfaces. They also smell bad and should not be used except with proper ventilation. Residual sprays not only kill the roaches that are currently inside your residence but also keep new pests from coming in. These types of sprays work for two to three weeks, leaving a strong pesticide in place long after it is sprayed. Aerosol bombs are a type of residual spray that works by gradually exterminating all roaches within proximity. This gets the job done quickly and easily but it is best to hire a professional exterminator for this job. Some types of residual sprays will break the life cycle of the cockroach by sterilizing the adults. The immature roaches are infected with the poison and are unable to fully develop into mature breeding adult insects. You can easily identify the mutated roaches by the deformation of their wings and sometimes even their body structure. This sign will tell you that your roaches are incapable of reproducing another generation of pests.

Try using powdered insecticides that are mixed with water and delivered via a compressed air sprayer. This sort of spray works by killing not only cockroaches but other forms of unwanted insects as well. You will, of course, need to wear a face mask while spraying. The best roach sprays on the market will contain ingredients that will penetrate deeply into the crevices and crannies of the walls of your house where it will flush out the insects so they will die in full view rather than hidden somewhere inside your walls. These sprays leave no foul odor or residue on your home's surfaces. Sprays work so much faster than roach baits and other forms of poisons. The sprays can do the job today while the other devices may take days or even weeks to have an effect.

Use total release sprays when you want the bugs killed instantly. These types of sprays would include the can of Raid that you bought at the supermarket. These are not like the long-lasting residual sprays, as their effects are very temporary, but they do quick work on the roach population regardless. These sprays contain very strong poison that is designed to do the most damage to the bugs in the shortest possible time. This is very useful when you spot perhaps only one or two roaches that appear on the spur of the moment and you want a quick kill of the insects that you are aware of before they have a chance to dig in and multiply in your walls.

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