Should I Repair or Replace My Dishwasher?

Newer Models

If you have bought your dishwasher within the last seven years, find your receipt to find out how much the machine cost.  If the cost of the repair is less than 50 percent of what you paid for the machine, pay for the repair, according to Becky Thompson, consumer investigator, WPXIcom. The dishwasher should last you another seven years, so you will get your money's worth out of it. 

Older Models

If the cost of fixing your dishwasher is more than half of what you paid for it, or if the machine is over seven years old, replace it, according to Thompson of WPXIcom.  Before making the decision, see if the repair is something you can do yourself to reduce the price.

Bottom Line

Get an estimate of the cost of repairing the appliance.  Do your research into the problem and see if you can do the repairs yourself before you make a decision. If your dishwasher is new, try harder to repair it yourself.  If the repair is massive and more than half the price of the dishwasher, get a new one.

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