Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Ideas

Replacing older hardware throughout the kitchen is a cost-effective way to give the room a new sparkle. There are several kinds of cabinet hardware available. Choosing hardware that fits your kitchen is the key to creating a unified look.

Pull and Knob Handles

Modern Kitchen Hardware Pull

Replacing pull and knob handles on cabinets and drawers is one of the more popular ways to update an older kitchen. If your kitchen currently has knobs, consider changing to pull handles. Or change the shape of the knobs. Knobs and pulls come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Styled Hardware

Choose new hardware that fits your kitchen's current design. Modern handles tend to be sleek and simple; traditional pulls are more elaborate. For example, don't buy older knobs for a modern kitchen. Many modern kitchens have stainless steel appliances. Consider using stainless steel knobs or pulls. Retro pulls are usually round, plain and chrome-colored. Traditional kitchens tend to have bronze-colored hardware; usually pulls rather than knobs. Shaker-style hardware is distinguished by a birdcage shape in both iron and bronze.


Consider installing new hinges on your cabinets to complement the new handles and pulls. Traditional hinges can be seen on the outside of the cabinet and are relatively easy to install. A European or Blum style hinge has two parts--the hinge and the mounting plate. The hinge is usually mounted in the cabinet door. The mounting plate is installed on the inside of the cabinet. European hinges are commonly used in modern kitchens.

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