Tips on Single Women Living Alone

A woman living alone needs to take some extra precautions to ensure safety.

Keeping Strangers Out

Whether you live in an apartment or a house, some simple changes to your routine and to your home can help you feel more comfortable and increase your level of safety.

Before you move into your new home, it is important that either you or your new landlord change the locks. The previous occupants may have a copy of the original keys, which means that a total stranger could have easy access to your home. It is also important that you check who is at the door before you answer it to an unknown and potentially dangerous person. If you see someone in uniform, ask for his identification first, whether it be through the window or through the peephole. Also, keep all the doors locked when you are home. If you want to keep a window open, make sure there is no way that a stranger could climb into it.

Providing a Good Visual For Yourself

Provide plenty of light around every door to your house. You will not be able to see who is behind the door when the doorbell rings if it is dark. In addition, when you are approaching your home, you want to be able to clearly see that no one is lurking around waiting for you. Dark doorways are more inviting to thieves, while well-lit ones don't provide the cover they need to break in.

Providing No Visual For Strangers

Having your shades parted can be an open invitation to strangers to try to peek in, see that you are alone or try to break in. At night, keep your shades completely closed. If you have blinds, always close them as well.

Keeping Personal Information Private

You may think that your information is private because it is inside your mailbox, but what is on the outside can be just as telling. Avoid having your full name on your mailbox. Instead, have only your initials or your last name to avoid having strangers know that you are a single woman living inside the home.

Creating a Warning System

There are several warning systems you can use. The first is the one that is typically used in houses where an installer comes and sets it up for you. The second would be the wireless alarm, which you can use if you have an apartment or if you want a cheaper alternative for your house. The third would be a makeshift, but possibly less effective, alarm system. Try tying a bunch of aluminum cans together with a string and hang it from each entry doorknob. When you open the door, they should crash together loudly.

Being Aware and Prepared

When you get ready to walk into your home, double check that no one is lurking around. In addition, carry your keys in your hand so you can immediately get into your home and lock it behind you. Dawdling allows someone time to sneak up behind you. When you are leaving, you should also carry keys in your hand as a defensive tool to use if someone grabs you.

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