The Best Food Processor for Bread Dough

Baking your own homemade bread is a process made simple by the use of a food processor. You can throw in the ingredients and it will take the work out of bread making. However, since bread dough is a very heavy and sticky mix, some food processors might not stand up to the rigors of it for very long. If you know which food processor is good for your usage, you can prevent the motor from burning out.

Bowl Capacity

The size of the food processor is the first thing you should look at when considering purchasing a machine to use for making bread. Sizes range from seven-cup to 14-cup bowls. Since most recipes call for five cups of flour plus other ingredients, the smaller food processors and even the medium-size processors of seven cups or less are ruled out. There is not enough space for the dough to be mixed around, unless you are planning on making smaller batches.

Motor Strength

Once you have determined the size of the food processor you want to get, you should look at the size of the motor. This will tell you how strong it is and if it can handle the hard work of making bread. The motor size is listed as power in watts and in the mid- to larger-sized models the wattage will range from 500 to 1350 watts. The larger the motor, the stronger the processor. The 500-watt motor can mix the dough, but it quickly heats up and most of the kneading still has to be done by hand.


The cost of the food processor is always a factor in determining which one seems suitable for your purposes. Typically, the larger the motor, the higher the expense. However, maybe you can get a smaller unit with a medium-sized bowl that has a stronger engine to reduce the expense of the largest and strongest models. Bread making really needs a motor that starts at 750 watts.

Customer Service

Customer service is a factor most people don't consider when purchasing a small home appliance. However, check out what kind of warranty is included on the product. Usually there is a limited warranty for a year, but some models advertise a three-year warranty, which tends to mean that they expect their product to last for that long without problems.

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