Seiko Touch Sensor Clock Instructions

Megan Mattingly-Arthur

The Seiko world-time touch sensor clock provides accurate digital timekeeping combined with features like five alarms, a calendar, countdown timer and the time in 29 cities around the world. For all of its features, the Seiko world-time clock is simple to program and use.

Battery Information

The Seiko world-time touch sensor clock is powered by two AA batteries. The manufacturer recommends using alkaline batteries, rather than rechargeable. Each time you replace the batteries in your Seiko world clock you will need to perform a quick reset. Press and hold the "A", "B" and "C" buttons for two seconds to reset your world clock to the factory settings.

Buttons and Touch Sensors

The Seiko touch sensor clock features three buttons and a touch sensor panel that are used to operate the clock's various functions. The touch panels on the clock's world map are used to choose the correct time zone when setting the time and date functions. Once the clock has been set, you can touch the various places on the map to see what the time is in that particular zone. The "A" button on the clock can be pressed to advance the clock setting from seconds to hours, minutes and so on. The "B" button is used to advance number values when setting the clock. Pressing the "C" button while in setting mode will return you to the regular timekeeping mode.


Proper care and maintenance will help ensure that your Seiko world-time touch sensor clock continues to perform at its best. This includes keeping your Seiko clock clean, dry and out of extreme temperatures. Should your clock need to be cleaned, wipe it free of dust and dirt using a soft, dry cloth. If your clock comes into contact with excess moisture, dry it thoroughly with a soft cloth. Should your world clock experience a malfunction, check the batteries and change them, if necessary. If the problem persists, reset the clock as described in Step 1.