Do High-Efficiency Washers Get Clothes Cleaner?

Buying energy efficient appliances will help you realize a good savings each month on your electric or gas bill. It is also good for our environment to purchase appliances that are energy efficient, such as a high-efficiency washer.

When you are shopping for a new washer, besides looking at the energy rating, you want to know how clean it will get your clothing. Will it clean as well as your old washer? Will it take out stains? It is important to evaluate the cleaning capacity and effectiveness of a new washer before you purchase.

Basics of High-Efficiency Washers

Do energy efficient washers get your clothes as clean?
Energy efficient washers are a bit more pricey.

When you start shopping for a new washer, often the first consideration is price. Realize that a high-efficiency washer will cost typically between $200-$600 more upfront than a standard model washer. Nearly all major manufacturers such as Whirpool, GE, and Kitchenaid have their own model of high-efficiency washer. High-efficiency washers are typically front-loading instead of top-loading.

Do They Get Clothing Cleaner?

These washers will get your clothes cleaner.

High-efficiency washers do get clothing cleaner, according to crossroadsappliance.com, due to their superior design. High-efficiency washers are made to rinse with clean water several times during the cycle. Not only does this remove all the dirt from your clothing, it also ensures that all the soap is out of your clothes.

Older washers are not designed to continually rinse with fresh water. It is amazing that high-efficiency washers use less water than traditional washers, but still get the clothes cleaner.

Other Benefits for Washing

You can wash more delicate items safely.

In a high-efficiency washer, you can wash more delicate items safely, including bedspreads and wool sweaters. The washers can run on a very gentle cleaning cycle. This saves you the time of washing these items by hand, or running them to the dry cleaner.

Clothing washed in a high-efficiency washer will last longer because a traditional washer pulls them in a vertical, top-loading shaft. The side to side tumbling action of a high-efficiency washer is far more gentle. This means your clothing does not get as worn out from frequent washing.

Energy Savings

You will also save money by using less electricity and water.

Not only do your clothes get cleaner and last longer in a high-efficiency washer, you eventually will save money from long-term savings on electricity, water, and detergent. The energystar.gov website states that an Energy Star approved high-efficiency washer will save users an average of $135 per year on utility bills. These washers also usually hold more laundry, so you will save time because you have fewer loads of laundry to do.