DIY Microwave Stand

John Fechik

Microwaves have made our lives easier and can keep you going in the fast lane of life. The sizes of microwaves have been reduced greatly since their invention, but the wattage has been maintained in the smaller units. If you don't have an under-the-cabinet microwave, you need counter space or a utility cart to set the stand-alone microwave on. You can easily make your own microwave stand with a few different style choices, depending on your preference.


There are several things to consider before you start your project, such as if you want extra closed or open storage, how fancy you want your stand to be and how much money you want to spend. If you are looking for an economical way to create a microwave stand, you may want to try to use materials you already have. Commercial carts range in price from about $50 to several hundred dollars, depending on the style. If you figure your cost of materials to make your own cart, it may be cheaper to buy a ready-made one.

Some simple and fairly inexpensive ideas are to make a cart out of old kitchen cabinets, an old hutch or dresser or from metal shelving units. Your top shelf for the microwave must be strong enough to support the weight of it since most are quite heavy. Also, use solid wood or metal because microwaves can sometimes give off heat and other materials, such as plastic, are not good cart choices. Wheels on the bottom of the cabinet or shelves are also useful to make the cart portable.

Wood Microwave Stand

If you have an extra kitchen cabinet that is the right height, you can add a stained solid wood top to cover the unfinished cabinet top or buy the appropriate size butcher block. Add wheels to the bottom of it and you have a nice microwave utility cart. Cabinets are ideal because they already have closed storage space.

To make your own cart out of wood, take four boards that are at least 2 inches wide on all sides (known as a 2 x 2) and cut the length to your desired height of your cart. Most utility carts are at least 36 inches tall but remember your wheels will add a little height. Take solid wood shelving boards and cut them according to the size you want for shelves, making sure to measure them at least 2 inches larger than the size of your microwave. Measure and cut notches on the four corner 2 x 36 inch boards for the shelves. Stain the corner boards and shelving. Place several screws to secure shelves. Attach wheels if desired.

Metal Microwave Stand

You can make your own microwave stand out of metal/chrome tubing shelf kits. Again, you may want to consider the cost of making your own versus one purchased at a store. The stands start at about $50 and you may have that much money, or more, in your homemade project. If you have an old metal garage shelving unit, it may be beneficial to cut the shelves smaller to adapt it to work for your microwave in the kitchen; but otherwise, it would probably be wise to buy one.