Hunter Douglas Installation Instructions

Hunter Douglas is a manufacturer of window blinds. They offer a wide variety of different kinds of blinds, all of which come with a different set of installation instructions. However, there are a few things to consider when installing any Hunter Douglas blind, regardless of model.

Measuring for Inside and Outside Mounted Shades

Hunter Douglas blinds can be mounted in two different ways, inside the window frame and outside.  Hunter Douglas recommends that you contact your local Hunter Douglas dealer to have a qualified professional do the measurements, but it really is not difficult to do so yourself To measure an inside mount, you must make three measurements of the window's width inside the frame: one at the top, another at the middle, and the last at the bottom.

If the measurements vary, record the lowest measurement.  Next, measure the height of the window at the left, middle, and center, and once again if there are variations record the lowest height.

Next, measure the window's diagonals.  If they vary considerably, you may need to measure for an outside mounting, as it may be difficult for the blind to open and close properly as well as keep out all the light.

The last thing to consider is to make sure the depth of the window opening is enough to fit the mounting bracket For outside mountings, decide how wide and tall you want the blind to be.  Make sure that it will cover the entirety of the window.

It's good to have it overlap the wall about two inches. 

Installing the blinds

When actually mounting the blinds on the window, there is a basic process universal to all Hunter Douglas blinds.  For an outside mounting, there are usually two mounting brackets placed three inches from the end of the head rail, and another bracket in the middle.

For inside mountings, the middle bracket usually is not there. 

Different Models

For the various models of Hunter Douglas blinds, specific instructions can be downloaded from the company Website. 

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