Can You Use Steam Cleaner on Pergo Flooring?

A steam cleaner cleans with steam, which is extremely hot. Pergo flooring is a laminate of a photograph of simulated wood or stone on a base manufactured of fiberboard or other composite resin. This type of manufactured flooring is similar to a layer of contact paper on particle board. However, the manufacturing process for applying the image of wood or stone to laminate flooring is a lot more durable than contact paper. The image of wood or stone is fused to the base composite and sealed with a durable coating.

Steam Cleaning Is Not Recommended

A steam cleaner may force water vapor into tiny scratches in the surface of the flooring. The water vapor may swell the fiberboard under the lamination, resulting in bubbles or blisters on the surface. Although the moisture will evaporate from the fibrous material, the lamination will be permanently distorted.

Pergo Recommendations

Pergo recommends cleaning the floor with a dry mop, broom or vacuum cleaner. Water may be used as needed. However, according to Pergo, do not use soap, detergent, ammonia or other cleaning solutions on the flooring.

Pergo recommends using Pergo Laminate and Hard Surface Cleaner for removing difficult stains such as nail polish, markers, tar and cigarette burns from Pergo flooring. Pergo Finishing Putty is available for addressing larger issues such as small chips or dents that have penetrated the lamination. Individual planks that have been damaged beyond repair can be replaced by a flooring professional.

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