The Best Way to Clean Wool Carpet

Wool carpet is vastly different from the nylon carpet that is usually seen in most homes.


Wool carpet can be damaged by the cleaning methods usually employed with nylon carpets. It is important to be aware of the cleaning differences to prevent the wool carpet from becoming ruined. The best way to clean wool carpet is to follow the instructions specifically laid out for the treatment and cleaning of wool carpets. .

There are only a few materials necessary for effective cleaning of wool carpet. A vacuum is essential as it can clean most of the dirt that would cause problems for the carpet if left unattended. A vacuum that does not use rotating beater brushes is best. Other vacuums will cause the carpet to become overly fuzzy. Wool spot removers are essential to have on hand for spills and other unexpected disasters. These can be purchased at most stores that sell cleaning products. You can also ask the company who installed your carpet to recommend a spot cleaner. Also keep on hand nail-polish remover, salt, isopropyl alcohol, rust remover and absorbent cleaners.

Spot Cleaning

Spot cleaning is something that has to be done frequently both on nylon and wool carpets. However, the technique for removing stains on wool carpets is a little different. Do not use a regular carpet spot cleaner. Rubbing the carpet can cause damage to the pile, so blot cleaning is necessary at all times. There are different methods used to clean different kinds of stains, but for most stains use a mixture of warm water and wool carpet cleaner to blot up the stain with a towel. Tougher stains, such as paint, can be removed with an absorbent powder, followed by a liquid such as mineral spirits or turpentine and then regular wool cleaner and cool water. Use absorbent cleaners on any stains or spots that are unknown, followed by a detergent solution and water.

Overall Cleaning

Wool carpets should be professionally cleaned every one to two years. This process should not be done at home by a traditional carpet cleaner. Since wool carpets react differently than nylon, it is important to hire a professional service that is familiar with the process of cleaning wool. The type of cleaner used is especially important. Some cleaners will cause dirt to accumulate faster on the carpet. Silicone cleaners should never be used to clean wool carpets. Always keep the room with a wet carpet aerated to prevent mold.

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