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The Best Way to Remove Upholstery Staples

Kimberly Ripley

Removing upholstery staples is a skill that is necessary if you plan to reupholster furniture, or if you are simply salvaging materials from an upholstered piece of furniture. Regardless of your intent, removing the upholstery staples is fairly simple, requiring a little elbow grease in addition to one or two specific tools.

Upholstery Tool

An upholstery staple remover is available at most home and garden-supply or hardware stores, and at stores that specialize in upholstering furniture. An upholstery staple remover makes removing upholstery staples quite simple. Specially designed to grasp the specific style and dimensions of most widely used upholstery staples, these tools allow you to easily grasp the upholstery staple, and effectively hold onto it until it has been pulled free from the piece of upholstered furniture. The tool will remove the upholstery staple intact, which saves you from digging or prying any remaining metal from the piece of furniture.

Needle-Nose Pliers

Needle-nose pliers will work if you don't have or cannot find an upholstery staple remover. Since they aren't designed for the exact purpose, it may require a bit more effort on your part to snag the staple and pull it from the piece of upholstered furniture. Sometimes the staple will break when using the needle-nose pliers, making it necessary to then pry the remainder of the broken staple out, also by using the needle-nose pliers. They are definitely a second-place option to using the upholstery staple remover.