Home Remedy to Remove Glue Residue

Trying to remove glue residue from a sticker on your windshield or a price tag on your new photo frame can be very frustrating.

Non-Stick Cooking Spray is Not Just for Baking

But you can try a few simple remedies for removing glue residue that require household items such as non-stick cooking spray and peanut butter.

Cooking spray is one of the most innocuous products you can use to remove glue residue. As opposed to solutions like acetone and WD-40, non-stick cooking spray is something that you use in your food. This makes it a safe remedy for glue residue on toys used by your child or pet. Simply spray the cooking oil directly on the glue residue, then set a timer for five minutes. When the timer goes off, use a rag with some warm water and soap on it to wipe off the oil and glue.

Not a Baker? No Problem

If baking is not your specialty, you might not have any non-stick cooking spray sitting in your cabinet. That does not mean you have to resort to using harmful chemicals. You can just use a spoonful of peanut butter instead. The beauty of the peanut butter solution is that it can also be used to remove glue residue from clothing and hair. Simply spread the peanut butter over the residue, leave for five minutes, then wipe off the peanut butter with a rag doused in soap and warm water.

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