Can I Use Carpet Underlayment Under Laminate Flooring?

Carpet underlayment, often referred to as carpet flooring or carpet sub-flooring, is the special padding that provides support to the carpeting that is laid on top of it.

Underlayment Purpose

Carpet underlayment cushions the carpet, absorbs the impact of foot traffic and the weight of stationery furniture, and provides a stable foundation for it. It also assists with insulation and noise reduction between rooms and floors in a multi-level building. However, carpet underlayment is not an appropriate choice as an underlayment for laminate flooring.

Laminate flooring requires the installation of an underlayment to provide a solid foundation that is capable of absorbing the weight of foot traffic and stationery furniture that most flooring is exposed to on a daily basis. Without an underlayment, laminate flooring and other types of flooring materials are forced to absorb the full impact of any weight or pressure, which results in imperfections, damage, and premature deteroriation.

Carpet Underlayment

Carpet underlayment is designed to slightly increase the softness of carpeting, while at the same time providing a stable foundation and shock, pressure and weight absorption. Carpet underlayment is engineered to work in conjunction with the softer natural and synthetic materials that make up carpeting. Because laminate flooring is a hard surface, it requires a specific type of underlayment.

Laminate Flooring Underlayment

Choose cork underlayment or a foam underlayment for your laminate flooring. Cork underlayment is made out of natural cork, and it provides support, protection from stress cracks, and room noise reduction. Foam underlayment is made out of natural foam that is approximately 1/8 inch thick. Foam underlayment is a basic, economic material that provides a satisfactory amount of comfort, room noise reduction and sub-floor support and correction. Carpeting and flooring manufacturers offer several levels of foam underlayment, including more premium choices that provide additional comfort and support.

Protect your investment of laminate flooring by choosing a high quality type of underlayment that is appropriate for laminate. Take correct measurements of your floor space to ensure a perfect fit, and use professional flooring installation techniques to installing the underlayment and laminate flooring correctly.