How to Keep a Recliner From Moving

Amie Taylor

When you find that your favorite recliner keeps working its way across the room, it's time to do a quick fix that will keep it in place. Not only is a moving recliner annoying, it can be downright dangerous.

Keep your recliner safely in its proper place.

If it slides out from under you or a guest when you try to have a seat, you could end up with a nasty bump, a purple bruise or worse.

  1. Turn the recliner onto its back or side so you can easily access the bottom of the chair. Spread newspapers underneath the edge of the chair to cover the area where you'll be working.

  2. Cut strips of the non-skid rubber mat to match the size of the legs of the chair. Many recliners have two wooden strips that run from front to back, while others have four legs.

  3. Use a hot glue gun to squirt a moderate amount of glue onto one leg at a time. Quickly adhere your piece of non-skid mat onto the leg while the glue is still hot. Press it firmly into place, and press out any air bubbles. Repeat this process for each additional leg of the recliner.

  4. Allow the glue to dry thoroughly before turning your recliner upright. Putting the chair into place before the glue is dry can mar the quality of your flooring.


Use Super Glue in place of the glue from the hot glue gun if that's what you have on hand.


Periodically check the state of the rubber non-skid mat you've attached to the bottom of your chair to ensure that it's secure and holding well.