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How to Clean a Cement Fireplace Hearth

Cleaning a cement fireplace hearth is a fairly straightforward operation, but there are protective steps you need to take to insure that the decor around the hearth remains unmarred.

Over time the flames from your fires may make your cement hearth look a little dingy.

With a little care, preventative maintenance and attention to detail, you can keep your cement hearth smooth, clean and shining at all times.

  1. Protect the area around the hearth. Use the plastic sheets to cover areas of the wall and floor that are adjacent to the hearth. Move all furniture and decorations out of the way. Secure the plastic sheets with painter's tape to prevent damage to finishes.

  2. Brush out the heart. Use the bristle broom and a dust pan to catch any dirt and debris in the hearth.

  3. Mix up your cleaning solution. In the 5-gallon bucket, combine 2 gallons of hot water and 2 cups of oxygen bleach. Swirl the bucket to mix the solution.

  4. Scrub out the cement hearth. Use the scrub brush to clean every inch of the cement. Whenever the brush starts to dry out, dip it in the hot bleach solution. You may want to wear gloves to protect your hands.

  5. Let the hearth dry completely. You may be able to smell the bleach for a few days, but the smell will fade. Remove the protective items from the hearth and start enjoying your bright, clean cement hearth.


Keep bleach away from eyes.