How to Clear the Pump on a Bosch Washing Machine

Camille Baron

Occasionally the blocked pump indicator may be lit on your washing machine, signaling a blockage. Keeping the pump clear on your Bosch washing machine is crucial to its ability to drain water properly. Performing a few easy steps to clear the blockage can prevent a costly repair bill.

Keeping the pump clean on your Bosch washing machine is a great way to prevent costly repair bills.
  1. Turn off the washing machine. Unplug the washing machine from the electricity. Turn off the water supply to the machine.

  2. Remove the the cover on the bottom of the machine. Unscrew the hose lock mechanism. Pull the thin hose from underneath the front of the machine. Place the end of the hose in the bucket. Remove the cap, let the water drain out. Once the hose is empty, open the pump by unscrewing the cap from the pump. Towels will be needed to soak up the remaining water in the pump.

  3. Using your hand, clear the blockage in the way of the pump.

  4. Pour fresh water from the bucket into the pump to flush out any debris and clear the pump and hose.

  5. Drain the pump by letting the water run out through the thin hose. Screw the cap back on the pump. Replace the hose lock mechanism. Replace the cover on the bottom of the washing machine.

  6. Reconnect the water supply. Plug the washing machine into the electrical socket. Turn the washing machine on. The blocked pump indicator will no longer be lit and you may resume washing.