How to Protect a Washer & Dryer From Scratches

Michael Davidson

Washers and dryers are subjected to a lot of surface wear and tear from both objects being regularly placed on top of them and the vibration that can occur during operation.

Washers and dryers can be scratched if they vibrate against a wall during operation.

Washers and dryers that are overloaded are more likely to vibrate so much that they can strike each other or the wall and damage the appliance surface. Scratches will quickly build up on the washer and dryer if regular diligence is not taken to prevent damage.

  1. Leave at least 1 inch between the washer and dryer and 5 inches between the appliances and the back wall. The machines can vibrate during operation, and this extra space helps prevent accidental collisions that can scratch the machines. The back space is also needed for proper venting.

  2. Avoid overloading the washer and dryer. Overloading will lead to more vibration and can cause the machine to move, hit a wall and scratch the exterior.

  3. Lay a towel down on the top of a washer and dryer prior to placing a bin or a soap container on the surface. Plastic laundry bins or bleach bottles can easily scratch the top of an unprotected appliance.

  4. Take everything off the washer and dryer prior to running them. This prevents items from sliding across the machine during operation.

  5. Keep pets off of the washer and dryer since they can badly scratch the surface.

  6. Turn pants pockets inside out prior to putting them in the washer or dryer to ensure change and other metal objects are not in them that can scratch the inside of the machine.