How to Clean Out a Water Line

It’s the strangest thing—you have a strong water flow to one sink in your master bath, but water from the other faucet runs at a mere trickle. Obviously, you have water to the bathroom, so what’s going on? You might have some mineral calcification built up in the line.

You can call a plumber for help, but if you have the right kind of plumbing under the sink, you might discover that this is a pretty easy fix. Read on to learn how to clean out a water line.

  1. Turn off the water under the sink. When you look under the sink, you will see two shut-off valves; turn both of them off. You don’t want to create a spraying fountain under there when you start loosening things.

  2. Climb under the sink and use channel-lock pliers to disconnect the lead line from the faucet.

  3. Hold the loose end of the lead line over a bucket. Using the shut-off valve under the sink, turn on the water flow slightly. If no water flows from the lead line, odds are you have something blocking the line.

  4. Use the channel-locks to disconnect the lead line from the water pipe.

  5. Clean debris and obstructions from both ends of the lead line and hose fittings. Clean any mineral deposits from the faucet fittings.

  6. Re-connect the lead line to the water pipe and faucet fittings. Turn on the water under the sink. Check your connections for leaks. Test the water flow at the faucet.