How to Program Cell Phones

Programming a cell phone is an important first step when you buy a new phone. Taking a few minutes to learn to program the phone will save you time later. Here are some tips on how to program a cell phone.

  1. Turn the cell phone on. Press the menu key on the phone. A menu of options will pop up on the phone’s screen, which you can scroll through using cell phone keys.

  2. Within the menu, find the "Contacts" submenu. The contact menu will have a "New Contact" option for you to enter telephone information, email addresses, home and business addresses. You can choose to add a contact to a group, which makes finding several similar contacts easier. You will have the option to give a contact a specific ringtone and a speed dial number.

  3. Scroll to the "Sound Settings" option within the "Settings" and "Tools" submenu. This is where you change the volume of the phone’s ring or set it to vibrate or silent. You choose the ringtone within the "Sound Settings" menu as well.

  4. Scroll to "Display Settings" within the "Settings and Tools" submenu. Here you can change the banner and wallpaper, among other settings. The banner and wallpaper are both displayed on the main screen of the cell phone.

  5. Press the "End" key on the phone after you have programmed it. This will bring you back to the main screen. The "End" key is also the "Power" key on the cell phone.

  6. Tip

    Use speed dial settings for contacts you will call often. Speed dial allows you to press a single key to call a contact, rather than having to dial an entire phone number each time you call. Use different ringtones for contacts whom call often or whom you consider to be the most important calls. Read the cell phone’s user manual to find programming tips specific to the phone. The cell phone will have multiple pre-programmed ringtones and wallpaper settings. You can further customize the phone by downloading or even creating new features for it.


    Be sure to save the settings you program as you change them or the phone will default to previous settings. When changing Sound Settings, remember that the volume will stay at the level you choose until you change it. In situations such as business meetings or movie theaters, it might be best to temporarily choose a vibrate or silent setting. If you are unsure of how to program an aspect of a cell phone, you should contact the retailer from whom you purchased it.