How to make homemade picture frames

Making your own picture frames can be fun and easy, and requires only minimal experience with woodworking.

Wooden frames are simple and classic, and can accent any photo or painting.

Whether you have a photo or piece of artwork that has special dimensions, or you simply want to match the artwork with a specific frame look, making your own frame may be the best option for the experimental crafter.

  1. Cut and sand a long piece of desired wooden frame material. Be sure that you have planned your measurement and design so that you know you will have enough to cut all four sides from this piece.

  2. Glue wood edging along the inside edge of the frame wood to create a ledge for the photo to rest on. Clamp and let dry.

  3. Use a mitre saw to cut the frame wood at a 45-degree angle at one side, then measure the desired length of the frame and make another 45-degree angle in the opposite direction, making sure the glued wood ledge is on the inside at all times. Repeat these two cuts so that you have a triangular piece of scrap wood. Measure and mark the length of the short sides of the frame and repeat the cuts in a similar fashion, yielding the same triangular scrap wood.

  4. Match up angles of cut pieces and glue, making sure the ledge of the wood is in the inside of all the pieces. Clamp together in a frame shape and drill a 45-degree hole lengthwise through both wooden pieces at each corner of the frame. Insert a dowel and apply glue by moving the dowel back and forth through the hole and applying glue at both ends. Keep the frame clamped to dry, and stretch rubber bands between the corner dowels to the frame together.

  5. When dry, carefully cut the edges of the dowels off so that the ends of the dowels are flush with the wood of the frame. Sand the ends.

  6. Measure the distance both ways from the inside of the frame ledge and cut the sheet acrylic accordingly. Insert a photo or artwork and cut a thin piece of wood or heavy cardboard that fits on the back of the frame and is the same size as the acrylic sheet.

  7. Cut three small wooden pieces (1/2 by 1/4 inches) and screw them at the bottom and two sides of the frame to hold the photo and backboard in place. Attach a hook or other fixture to hang or stand the frame.

  8. Warning

    If you are not familiar with using a miter saw and other power tools, be sure to have help from someone who is.