How to Refinish Bamboo Floors

How to Refinish Bamboo Floors. Bamboo floors are some of the most durable and beautiful floors available. The texture and grain lend a sophisticated note to any space, and the stains available for bamboo floors are numerous. Refinishing the bamboo flooring requires a little more finesse.

  1. Sweep the entire bamboo floor area free of any dust, debris or contaminants before refinishing. Pay special attention to the areas below cabinet overhangs and hard to reach areas, like under molding and close to appliances.

  2. Rent a commercial disc floor sander from a home improvement store. These machines rent for the day or half day depending on the size of the floor-refinishing project. Ask the staff to assist with finding the correct grit sandpaper for bamboo floor refinishing.

  3. Sand the bamboo floor according to the instructions given and always apply gentle even pressure to the disc floor sander as the machine travels across the floor surface for an even refinishing.

  4. Use a tack cloth or mildly damp mop after sanding to remove any haze or dust from the freshly sanded surface. Take care again to reach all hard to access areas.

  5. Apply a polyurethane finish to the bamboo floor. This will seal and polish the newly refinished floor. Use mops to apply the sealer in long even strokes across the floor. Allow the coat to dry, sand the bamboo floor lightly again with the disc sander and repeat sealing. Do this three to four times for best results.

  6. Tip

    Open all windows to avoid breathing in any dust or chemical fumes. Start the project in the farthest corner of the space and work towards an exit point.

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