How to Make a Wooden Room Divider

Simple yet contemporary room dividers can liven up any large room. They're fairly simple to make, and easy to customize to your specific style. Room dividers are made in three sections. The material can be changed out when you redecorate, or move the divider to a different room.

Make a Wooden Room Divider
  1. Measure and cut the 1-by-2 inch boards. You will need six boards that are 72 inches long, six that are 36 inches long, and nine that are 32 inches long.

  2. Lay the boards out in the shape of a door. Place a 72-inch board on the right and left sides, and a 36-inch board at the top and bottom. Position the 36-inch boards with the 72-inch boards so they are flush on each end.

  3. Position three 32-inch boards in between the 72-inch boards at equal spaces. They should be flush against one another.

  4. Connect the wood. Beginning at the top, glue all connecting pieces of wood together, then staple each piece together using three staples to each joint. You should have four sections through the middle of the divider. Allow the glue to dry. Repeat the first four steps to make the other two sections.

  5. Paint or stain the whole unit and allow it to dry.

  6. Apply two coats polyurethane, allowing it to dry between coats. Make sure the polyurethane is completely dry before proceeding to the next step.

  7. Place two divider sections face down and side by side. Attach three hinges equally spaced to the two sections. Turn the dividers over and lay the third section next to the side of the first two sections, with all three right side up. Attach the last three hinges to the second and third divider sections equally spaced. Note: the hinges will be attached at the front of the room divider.

  8. Attach the cafe rod hardware to the back of each divider section at the top and the bottom.

  9. Cut the material. You will need enough material to cover the middle sections of the divider, plus 2 inches at the top and bottom for a hem. The material should be approximately 72 by 36 inches.

  10. Sew a 2-inch hem at the top and at the bottom of the material. You can use hem tape if you prefer.

  11. Slide the material onto the cafe rods at the top and at the bottom. Attach the rods to the rod hardware and slide the material equally throughout the rod creating a ruffle effect. Stand up the room divider and position it in an accordion style.

  12. Tip

    Try changing out the material for different styles.


    Wear goggles while using the skill saw.