How to Fill a Hot Water Bottle

Hot water bottles have been used for centuries to warm beds. The earliest hot water bottles were metal containers filled with hot coals. Now they are made of thick rubber and filled with water. It can be tricky to fill a hot water bottle without accidental spills or burns. Here is the proper method.

Fill a Hot Water Bottle
  1. Check the hot water bottle for any damage, such as splits or holes. Fill the hot water bottle with cold water and gently squeeze. This will indicate any small leaks in the bottle. If the bottle is damaged in any way, do not use it.

  2. Wrap the hot water bottle in a towel to prevent burns when filling. Unplug the stopper and empty any existing water.

  3. Run your hot tap water until it reaches its hottest temperature, generally after one to two minutes. Alternatively, you can heat the water on the stove, but don't use boiling water or you risk burns and damaging the rubber container.

  4. Fill the hot water bottle until it is three quarters the way full. This will prevent the bottle from bursting if you accidentally lay on it.

  5. Firmly secure the lid and hold the bottle upside down to check for leaks. Wrap the hot water bottle with a fresh, dry towel before using.

  6. Tip

    Use a funnel to direct the water into the hot water bottle and avoid splashing.


    Children and the elderly should not sleep with the hot water bottle in the bed. Place the bottle in the bed for five to 10 minutes, and then remove. This should allow ample time to warm the bed.