How to Create Bookmarks as Cheap Baby Shower Favors

Using a few inexpensive supplies, you can create originally designed bookmarks as baby shower favors.

When making bookmarks as baby shower favors, integrate the theme of the baby shower and the color scheme. Even while keeping that information in mind, you only need a few inexpensive supplies to create memorable bookmark favors for the shower.

    Prep the index cards.

  1. Fold each index card in half lengthwise and make a crease. Use your scissors to cut along the crease. You now have two bookmarks. Repeat until you have the desired number of bookmarks.

  2. Tip

    Plain white index cards work well for any baby shower theme, however, you can choose to use a color that matches the color scheme, such as pink or blue.

    Use the hole punch.

  3. Measure 1/2 inch down from the top of the bookmark on one side, and make a pencil mark that's about 1/2 inch in from both the top and the side. Make a mark in the same place at the other side. You should now have two pencil marks 1/2 inch down from the short side of the bookmark that are approximately 1/2 inch apart. Use your hole punch to punch a hole on each of these pencil marks.

  4. Tip

    Once you have punched the holes in the first bookmark, you can use it as a pattern for where to punch holes in the remaining bookmarks. This will be faster and easier than measuring on each bookmark.

    Thread the ribbon.

  5. Use the ruler and scissors to cut a piece of ribbon that's 1 foot long for each bookmark. Thread a piece of ribbon through the two holes in the first bookmark, and make a knot in the center. Tie the ribbon in a bow, and trim any excess ribbon. Repeat for each bookmark.

  6. Tip

    If the baby is a girl, choose a thinner ribbon, 1/2 inch or less in width, and the bow will look more like a hair bow. If the baby is a boy, choose a thicker ribbon, 1 inch or thicker in width, and the bow will look more like a bow tie.

    Decorate the bookmarks.

  7. Use the permanent markers to decorate the bookmarks to match the theme of the baby shower. You can use stencils, or you can draw something freehand. For example, if you have an elephant theme, use a stencil of a baby elephant; for a bluebird theme, use stencils of bluebirds flying. A stencil of a baby bottle or rattle works for any baby shower theme. You can find free, printable stencils to get you started. Include information such as the new mom's name, the date of the baby shower and a meaningful message such as "Thank you for being part of my story," as well.

  8. Tip

    Permanent markers are available in a wide variety of colors at your local office supply store. Choose colors that match the baby shower's color scheme and/or choose metallic permanent markers to give the bookmarks a more sophisticated look.