How to Set Up a Buddhist Prayer Room

A Buddhist prayer room is a private place to show respect to Buddha and to make him offerings, like fruit, incense and candles. The goal in setting up a prayer room is to create a serene environment to pray, meditate and read. Comfort, cleanliness and good air quality are important features.

A Buddhist prayer room allows an individual the privacy and comfort to pray to Buddha.

Step 1

Choose a room away from noise and disruption. If space doesn't allow for a separate prayer room, choose a quiet location in a part of another room, like a bedroom, dining room or guest bedroom. A special area in a room can be created specifically for prayer.

Step 2

Paint the prayer room in a color that provides a relaxing, calm atmosphere for prayer. The colors red, orange and black would not be good choices. Instead, consider purple, blue, green or soft neutrals.

Step 3

Hang sheer curtains in the prayer room to allow natural lighting without it being too bright.

Step 4

Set up a Buddhist altar in the prayer room. The altar is a small table where the prayer will occur. You can either kneel or sit in front of it. The altar can be erected on top of a small bookcase or another table.

Step 5

Decorate the altar with an image of Buddha. This can be a framed picture or a statue. Fresh flowers, an incense holder, incense, candles and a bowl or plate to place offerings, such as fruit, should also be placed on the altar.

Step 6

Create some seating in front of the altar. Soft floor pillows can be arranged in front of the altar, or you can use a rug or yoga mat.

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