How to Make Drywall Stilts

Stan Mack

Drywall stilts are an indispensable part of a drywall worker’s tool kit. The time it takes to complete ceiling work can easily triple if a worker is forced to use a ladder or stool. But professional drywall stilts are prohibitively expensive for most people.

Fortunately, there is a cheap solution that will work for people who only need drywall stilts for a short time. Be careful when walking on stilts. Tripping and falling is an obvious danger, but it is also surprisingly easy to forget to duck while walking through doorways.

  1. Remove the handles from the buckets. You may need to use pliers.

  2. Turn the two empty joint compound buckets upside down.

  3. Place a shoe on top of each bucket. Center the shoes so that they do not hang over the edges of the buckets.

  4. Place a washer on each screw. The washer must be small enough so that the screw head will hold it in place. The washers will keep the screw heads from breaking through the shoe material.

  5. Attach each shoe to a bucket by screwing down through the bottom of each shoe and into the bucket. One screw should be towards the heel of the shoe. The other should be as far towards the front as possible but still accessible to your screwdriver.

  6. Place the shoe sole inserts into the shoe. They will protect your feet from the screw heads.

  7. To use the stilts, simply attach the shoes to your feet and walk around.

  8. Tip

    For sturdier stilts, try attaching the screws to wood blocks placed inside the bucket.