How to Use Liquid Cement Concrete Crack Filler

Kathryn Hatter

When concrete cracks mar your pavement surfaces, institute a quick and effective fix with a crack filler product. By using a premixed product in a simple squeeze bottle, you can easily fill the cracks with matching concrete to repair the surface.

Fix a crack to restore your concrete surface.

Use liquid cement concrete crack filler, following manufacturer recommendations for application and cleanup. Within 24 hours, your cement surfaces should appear smooth and attractive.

  1. Clean the application area thoroughly to remove all dirt. Use a broom and dustpan to sweep the area or vacuum the crack with the nozzle attachment to suck out all the dust.

  2. Fill a bucket with hot water and place the unopened bottle of crack filler into the hot water to warm it. Although this step is optional, if you are applying the crack filler at cool temperatures, warming the crack filler prior to using it can help it flow more smoothly.

  3. Shake the crack filler for about 30 seconds to mix the ingredients well. Open the crack filler for the first time by snipping off the tip of the nozzle with a pair of scissors.

  4. Place the tip of the nozzle into the crack and squeeze the bottle gently while moving it along the crack line. Continue adding up to 3 inches of crack filler at one time along the crack line. If the crack has a depth deeper than 3 inches, fill only 3 inches at one time and then stop until the crack filler dries completely.

  5. Fill a thin crack by applying a small bead of crack filler along the crack line and smoothing the crack filler with a trowel (removing excess crack filler with the trowel).

  6. Allow the crack filler to dry for at least 24 hours.

  7. Continue filling a deep crack with another application of crack filler, if applicable.

  8. Clean any tools you used immediately with soap and water.

  9. Warning

    Do not use the crack filler at temperatures below 45 F. Apply the crack filler during dry weather. Do not allow the crack filler to freeze. Always wear rubber gloves when working with the crack filler. Manufacturers recommend wearing goggles to prevent crack filler from contacting your eyes.