How to Assemble a Wheelbarrow

Kelly Nuttall

Assembling a wheelbarrow is a simple task. There are generally only six major parts that are bolted together. Some wheelbarrows are designed differently then others, with different features and assembly steps. But the same basic concept applies across the board.

Before using the wheelbarrow, be sure the tire is inflated to the correct pressure to gain optimal use out of the tool.

  1. Bolt the nose guard to the handles and attach the leg stabilizer brace to the legs. Place the handles on top of the legs and line the bolt holes up. Place the load tray on top of the handles and line the holes up again.

  2. Run a long bolt through the holes in the tray, the handles, and the leg assembly. Thread the appropriate nut onto the bolt by hand and tighten the nut with a combination box and open-ended wrench. If the bolts fit tightly into the holes and are difficult to pass through, use a hammer to tap them home.

  3. Flip the wheelbarrow onto the tray so the legs point upwards. Place the metal axle rod through the wheel hub and sit the axle on the handles. Place the axle brackets over the axle and run the bolts through the handles so the nuts will face down when the wheelbarrow is turned right side up. Tighten the nuts with a combination box and open-ended wrench.

  4. Flip the wheelbarrow over again and place the front tray supports over their holes. Run bolts through the holes and tighten them with a combination box and open-ended wrench. If there is a grease fitting on the wheel hub, add grease until it begins to seep out of any joints before using the wheelbarrow.

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