Teen Bedroom Ideas for Girls

A well decorated teenage girl's bedroom showcases her personality. A teenager's style is more modern than a child's style, but still hasn't reached the sophistication of adult taste. Allowing your teen-aged daughter to design her own bedroom is a fun project that she will appreciate.

A well decorated teenage girl's bedroom showcases her personality.  A teenager's style is more modern than a child's style, but still hasn't reached the sophistication of adult taste.

Allowing your teen-aged daughter to design her own bedroom is a fun project that she will appreciate.  The proper teen bedroom ideas for girls help you style and create her perfect personal space.


Paint is one of the most inexpensive ways to allow your teenage daughter to showcase her personality.  Painting her room a bold color brightens the mood.

For less adventuresome parents, painting an accent wall a bright color is a great compromise.  The accent wall adds a certain pizzazz to the room without affecting all the walls.

Paint can also be used to create decorative patterns on the walls.  Stripes and sponged effects are two of the most popular designs created with paint.


Bedding can be one of the least expensive decorative elements in a teenage girl’s bedroom.  The bedding chosen depends on the overall style :animal prints, shabby chic and Hollywood glamor are all popular bedroom styles for teenage girls.

Once she chooses her bedding, buy or make accent pillows to decorate her bed.  Consider installing a canopy over her bed using sheer fabric in a bold color or an animal print or hang bead curtains for an extra punch of glitz and glamor.

Purchase a reversible bedspread that features a solid color on one side and a decorative design on the other, especially if your teenager might change her style before you are ready to purchase new bedding. 


Flooring options are often overlooked when designing a teenage girl’s room.  If you have wood or tile floors throughout your house, choose a decorative area rug that suits the overall theme of the room.

Animal print shag rugs and area rugs featuring bold colors with geometric designs are popular choices for a teen hangout. 

If you have carpeting, change the carpet to a bold color to match decorative accessories in the room.  If that’s not possible, an area rug can be placed over carpet to add color to the floor.

Likewise, wood flooring can be stripped and painted a bold color or even white to add to the decor. 

Decorative Accessories

The best part of decorative accessories is that they can be removed from your daughter's room as her tastes change.  Wicker furniture, shelving, and fun artwork are all decorative accessories that add to the overall look of a teenage girl’s bedroom.

Wicker furniture can be spray-painted bright colors to match other decorative elements in her bedroom.  If she loves animal prints, animal print pillows and seat cushions can be used to accent the overall theme of the room.

Paint shelves bold colors to match other décor.  For simple and easy artwork, frame a section of decorative fabric and hang it on her wall.

You can also hang posters, prints, and removable wall stickers for extra decorative touches.  Make sure to allow your daughter to help choose what is hung on her walls.

This will ensure that she is excited about the overall design of her room. 


Funky lamps and hand-decorated lampshades make great accent lighting in a teenage girl’s bedroom.  To create a flowery lampshade, buy several silk flowers and cut the stems off at the bud of the flower.

Then, hot-glue the flowers onto the lampshade.  Use a solid-colored lampshade and make stripes of flowers, or cover the entire lampshade.

Instead of using standard light bulbs in light fixtures, use colorful light bulbs to create a unique party effect. 

Window Treatments

Window treatments are another easy way to dress up a teenage girl's bedroom.  Curtains or drapes can be made out of the same fabric as the bedding or can be a solid bold color or print that fits the overall design of her room.

Bold-colored mini blinds or roman shades can also be used as decorative window treatments.  Some teenage girls prefer hanging bead curtains over their windows instead of blinds.

In this case consider installing a shade inside the window to block out the light when she is trying to sleep. 

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