MRSA Home Cleaning

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is a bacteria that causes an infection not killed by antibiotics. Symptoms of MRSA include boils, blisters and sore-like appearances that may become red and painful.

Since the bacteria are highly contagious, it is important to keep the home thoroughly cleaned to prevent spread of infection should someone contract MRSA.

Avoiding MRSA spread

To prevent spreading the infectious bacteria, consider several tips. Wash your hands constantly throughout the day for at least 30 seconds each time with warm, soapy water. If you are away from a sink, carry around alcohol-based hand sanitizers in your purse or backpack to use many times throughout the day.

Cleaning the House

If someone in the home has MRSA keep everything clean to prevent the spread to other members of the household. Use a disinfectant spray on all surfaces each day, or make a solution of bleach using two tsp. of bleach and one qt. of water to spray down all surfaces. Pay attention to high traffic areas such as the phone, toilets, showers, and light switches.

To avoid becoming infected, do not share anything with the person who has MRSA. This includes towels, razors, body soap, clothing, drinks, and food.


If someone in your house has MRSA, do their laundry separate from that of the rest of the family. Wash clothing daily and towels and sheets at least once a week.

When doing laundry, hold the laundry as far away from yourself as you can to prevent the spread of bacteria onto your clothing. If there are any signs of MRSA such as pus or sore drainage on the sheets, wear latex gloves when handling. Wash all laundry in hot water with bleach, using color-approved bleach for colored loads. Dry the clothing, towels and sheets in hot air.